More Recommendations From District Conference 2012

Conference approved the following

(i)That Congregations/Circuits give due consideration to afterschool classes where they do not exist. This isnot necessarily or only for the schools or by the schools but could be done at churches or church halls. In such cases the classes could be for all children regardless of the school they attend or the church/denomination they belong.

ii)Where they do exist, after-school classes are programmes of Mission and Evangelism Committees. Such Committees are encouraged therefore to be more deliberate in ensuring that the after-school classes receive the proper focus on their meetings’ agenda.

iii)That someone be specifically assigned by Circuits to coordinate General Education programmes.

iv) That Principals/Heads of Schools attend specially convened meetings at the District Level to deal with matters relating to General Education.

v)That circuits seek to develop more meaningful forms of ministry through chaplaincies to these institutions, for example, chaplaincy teams may be established to offer care and counselling to children and teachers on a group or personal level.

vi) That greater efforts be made to include schools in corporate worship in the various congregations at least once per quarter or when possible within individual circuits.

vii)That moral and religious education be implemented in all schools.

More Recommendations From District Conference 2012

That in each Circuit, Local Preachers Classes be held (as often as possible during the year) to include Methodism.

The following Candidates for the Ministry were recommended to the District by the Commission on Ministry for examination for acceptance as Ministers in Training.  All four candidates were accepted by the District for training:

Mr. Othneil Eddison Daly                   Nevis Circuit

Miss Margrie Sharon Liburd              Nevis Circuit

Mrs. Doris Antonia Lynch-Gibbs      St. Maarten Circuit

Mrs. Myrna Liana Richardson           St. Maarten Circuit

The following Probationers were advanced one year in their probation studies.:

Revs. Gilbert Laban, Merle Malone and Candis Niles,

Bro’s Jean Rony Seraphin and Veillance Bastien Jr. (Pre-collegiate).

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