Summer Day Camp (Full report) (A)

The Circuit Summer Day Camp came to an end on Friday, 24th August. Due to space limitations, the Camp Report will be presented in parts.


“Let us love God and one another” was the theme aptly chosen for the event which took place from August 13-24, 2012 – The Annual Summer Day Camp. Undoubtedly, this event has become a hallmark on the church’s agenda, geared towards educating and developing the children and teenagers, not solely within the Methodist community but our entire country.

The two-week undertaking catered to the holistic enrichment of the campers. Daily, the sessions commenced with devotion and Bible study which underscored the prevailing theme. A cadre of qualified and enthusiastic professionals including lawyer, dentist, doctor, teacher, nurse, law enforcement officer and business owner facilitated daily sessions on “Getting Along With Each Other/Respect;” “Forgotten Daily Values;” “Growing Up,”  “Your Body And You;”  “The Law And You;”  “Say No To Gangs And Drugs;” “What Is Good Behaviour;” “ Human Sexuality;” “Social Graces;” “Care Of The Teeth” “Banking And Use Of Money;” “Disaster Preparedness;” “Choosing A Career;” “Self-esteem;” and “History Of The Steel Pan.”   These sessions, we believe, have assisted in creating and instilling life-long principles necessary to promote the overall positive development of the campers.

Additionally, we wish to highlight the camp picnic which was held on Friday 17th August at Black Rocks. This event was not only a time of fun and frolic but also an opportunity to enlighten the campers about the development and importance of that land mark. Importantly, we note our community outreach which was in the form of a birthday celebration with Mama Henny of the Old Road Community, who celebrated her 102nd birthday. A contingent of campers visited her home, rendered items in songs, extended best wishes and presented her with a fruit basket.

At the closing day of the camp, parents, guardians and well-wishers were invited to an exhibition of items produced over the duration of the camp.

Apart from the craft items and other pieces of work on display, the program also featured items in song and dance. It was truly the best way to culminate and demonstrate the worthwhile investments of time, talent, expertise and knowledge in this initiative.

What did the campers think about the 2012 edition of the Annual Summer Day Camp? Here are a few quotes that summed up the experiences and reviews of some: “Good; very good;” “Nice;” “Learned  a lot;”  “Exciting;”  “Fun;” “Learned to love one another;” “Learned how to love God;” “Enjoyed it;” “Awesome;”  “Learned memory verses;” “It was a learning experience;”  “Made new friends,” and “Want a next week of camp…”

Part 2 of the Report will be presented next week.


Already,  plans are on the way for a post-mortem of this year’s camp as we progress in making preparations for 2013. Certainly, it is our hope that we continue to create not just an event on the church’s calendar but an experience which teaches our children and teenagers to become better individuals, make better choices, capitalise on the wealth of knowledge that is disseminated through this camp and ultimately make positive contributions to our country.  Moreover, we wish to document the hard work and dedication of all our stakeholders and contributors – whose vision and planning have produced much fruit regarding this camp.

To our uncle and aunts who worked in the kitchen we cannot utter enough thanks for the meals that nourished our bodies daily. For the uncles and aunts who acted as teachers, leaders and counsellors we tip our hats to you for a job well done. To the parents and guardians of the campers we say a big thank you for the confidence not only in this camp but also in those who have kept this vision alive to make a positive change in the lives of your children and teenagers. To the campers, we also have to express words of gratitude, because the learning experience was definitely a mutual exchange. To all the congregations we say thanks for your contributions and continued partnership. Additionally, we express thanks to all our ministers in the circuit for their contributions to the success of this year’s camp. In particular, we wish to say how much we appreciate the leadership of Reverends Alberic and Joyce Rohan; their daily involvement and leadership undoubtedly championed the great cause and purpose of this event.

As we close this edition of our Annual Summer Day Camp we are optimistic that our mission and our goals have been achieved, and it is our earnest prayer that we continue to make disciples of not just the campers but indeed our neighbours, our country and our world. With mixed emotions we say farewell each to the other as we endeavour to purposefully and meaningfully impact our communities through our love for God and one another.

This Report was submitted by 2012 Camp Staff

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