About The Hymn of The Month (MHB 403) (A)

About The Hymn of The Month (MHB  403)

This Month’s Hymn, ‘My Heart Is Fixed Eternal God,’ also known as ‘Christ For Me,’ was written by Richard Jukes, who lived from  1804 to 1867.  Jukes was a Methodist Minister and a well known Hymn-writer of his time. He was from a branch of Methodism known as ‘The Primitive Methodists.’  Primitive Methodism had its origins in what was then known as ‘Camp Meetings,’ consisting primarily of all day prayer and preaching. Part of Jukes approach to hymn-writing was to use popular melodies for his hymns, and although they were widely published in special collections, much of his work did not make it into many hymnbooks. In fact, it seems that ‘Christ For Me’ is the only one to have remained in common use.

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