From the Elmes Family

The family of the late Gene Oliver Elmes wishes to say thank you to all who called, sent cards, emails and text messages, attended the thanks-giving service or in any way sympathized with them during their recent bereavement.  ‘We are truly grateful for the many prayers and expressions of support, which have helped to sustain us during our difficult moments.’



From Shenel Crooke:

“I will like to say a big Thank You for the support given to me on the last Sunday (29th December 2013) I attended church before leaving St Kitts to travel to the United Stated of America to start university. Your prayers and support meant a lot to me as I left St Kitts to start a new phase of my life.

I have been settling in very well, everything is going very well so far.

I have not found a church to attend as yet, but hope to do so.  As I reflect on my spiritual life thus far I want to say thank you to all my Church School Teachers, Youth Leaders, Sun Beam Choir Leaders and Youth Choir Leader for all your guidance which I know will be very helpful in this phase of my life.

Thank you once again.”

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