MCCA St. Kitts President returns from St. Eustatius (A)

The President of MCCA Men St. Kitts Circuit, Bro. Sydney Matthew, returned from St. Eustatius a few weeks ago, where he attended the Leeward Islands District Men’s Commission Meeting, 2011. The Meeting brought together representatives from seven of the fifteen Circuits in the district, to wit: BVI, St. Thomas/St. John, Aruba, St. Kitts, St. Maarten/St. Martin, Montserrat and St. Eustatius, the host country.

The Meeting discussed several matters, including the upcoming Men’s seminar in St.Kitts from July 9th to 16th, 2012, District Men’s Commission Uniform (blazer), the formation of a District Disaster Relief Team (comprising representation from the Circuit Disaster Relief Teams), and the Men’s Commission Handbook. The gathering also accepted proposals for modeling the constitution for the District Men’s Commission after that of the Jamaica District Men’s Fellowship, and reviewed representation of the Commission at the district Conference level.

A full report will be given at the next meeting of the Circuit Council.

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