Youth/Young Adults Commission



Composition of Circuit Youth and Young Adults Commission-St. Kitts Circuit

The Circuit Youth and Young Adult Commission consists of all youth and young adults organizations.  Youth meaning groups catering for teenagers 12 -25 years old.  Young Adults 25-35 years. These may include: Youth Fellowships, Youth Choirs, Young Adult Groups, Young Adult Choirs, Youth Drama Groups

Whereas, there are Girls Brigade and Boys Brigade Companies, if there is not a Children’s Commission in the Circuit, these groups can become part of the Youth Commission.


  • A Chairperson elected by representatives
  • A Secretary elected by representatives
  • A Minister appointed by the Circuit
  • The Presidents of each Youth and Young Adult groups of each congregation in the Circuit.
  • One other representative from the Youth and Young Adult groups from each congregation.
  • Not less than two nor more than six persons who do not have membership in any of the groups aforesaid, elected by the Circuit Organizations and Education Committee.

The Responsibilities of the Circuit Youth and Young Adult Commissions:

¨ To work in close collaboration with the various Youth and Young Adult Organizations in the Circuit in order to provide opportunities for  Methodist youth and young adults to develop their potential, and to  encourage their full participation in the social and religious activities of the Methodist Church, and to promote Christian witness and              discipleship among women.

¨ To encourage and enable the various Youth and Young Adult Organizations to develop varied and relevant programmes that would deepen the personal commitment of all youths and young adults to Christ and His Church, enrich home and family life, and sensitize them to the new and emerging factors which impact upon youth and young adults and the family and empower them to cope with these factors.

” To develop annually social projects which addresses a major social issue of particular relevance to youths and young adults.

¨ To be the local executive of the Youths and Young Adults in the Connexional Area.

¨ To liaise with other youths and young adults organizations and agencies locally and regionally in promoting the welfare of youths and young adults.

¨ To collaborate with other Circuit Commissions in promoting jointly programmes and projects for the enrichment of family, community, and church life.

¨ To appoint its own officers and determine its mode of operation within the framework of established practices in the Church.

New Executive for the St. Kitts Circuit Youth and Young Adults Commission 2017-2019

Lay Youth Secretary:  Mr. Stuart Warde                                                                                       Lay Youth Secretary/President: Ms. Verona Williams                                                           Secretary: Mrs. Alleyne Springer-Morris                                                                             Assistant Secretary/Treasurer: Ms. Juara Willette                                                                   Assistant Secretary:  Ms. Kashema(Blossom)  Gumbs                                                           Public Relations Officer (P. R.O.)- Ms. Shamiana Crosse

Upcoming Activities                                                                                                                     Games Organizer-  Circuit Fair- May 27, 2017 – Wesley Methodist Church Ground                 Trip to Nevis-June 10, 2017

Youth Encuentro 2018                                                                                                           The St. Kitts Circuit has been allocated 7 places including one chaperone to attend Youth Encuentro 2018 in Belize. To this end, application forms are now available for confirmed young people between the ages of 15-35 years who desire to go to Youth Encuentro 2018 to represent the Circuit.

Applicants are required to write an essay not less than 100 words and no more than 200 words explaining the following: In a short essay, no less than 100 words and not more than 200 words, please share:                                                                                                     1.Why you should attend Youth Encuentro.                                                                                     2.How you see yourself giving back to the Methodist Church on your return.

Essays must be signed by the applicant.

Application forms can be collected from the Circuit Office or Rev. Stacia Williams-Christmas.  The deadline for all application is July 20, 2017. All applications will be reviewed by a panel before final selection is made.

St. Thomas Youth Visit

The Youth of the St. Thomas Circuit will be visiting the Circuit on Friday, July 7, 2017 as they cruise in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the MCCA.  During their short stay in the Circuit they will be visiting the Cardin Home and doing a scenic tour of our Methodist Churches.  We welcome our MCCA Youth to the island.